Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walking the Elephant Walk

I posted my first blog over at Elephant Journal – where I’m now going to be a regular columnist (!) – this morning: “Yoga, Spirituality, and the Body: Walt Whitman and American Tantra.” If you haven’t already done so, please head over to EJ and check it out!

I’ll be reposting my Elephant blogs here at Think Body Electric once they’ve had a chance to establish themselves there a bit. I’ll also keep posting things here that feel better suited for TBE, pure and simple. 

All this is a big experiment for me. Blogging still feels pretty new and strange: as recently as last winter, it’s just not something that I ever imagined myself doing.

But I’m finding that I like it. The freedom to write without constraints is liberating. I love the ability to add links, images, and videos. The multi-dimensionality of it is exciting – a whole new way to work and play with the written word.

Being able to immediately get comments from whoever out there in cyberspace happens to stumble across your blog, decide to take the time to read it, and then take the extra step of saying something about it is also interesting and energizing. On the one hand, it makes the whole enterprise feel a little dangerous – who knows who you will encounter? Will they be nice; will they be crazy; will they be safe??

On the other hand, I’ve found that blogging builds a weird sense of connection and trust. Despite all the well-merited warnings about protecting oneself against cyber-stalkers and so on, in a few short months I’ve encountered a good number of people that I feel like I’ve connected to in some genuinely meaningful way.

Even more surprising to me, I’ve even met a few of them in person – cyberspace Zapping into real-time multi-dimensional “reality”!

At any rate, because elephants on are my mind, I wanted to share this wonderful graphic of Ganesha that I found today. May we all find the strength to walk our spirit walk and navigate the inevitable obstacles on our path with beauty, truth, and grace.

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  1. We are very fortunate to have you on Elephant. Welcome. Your first article is already getting a great response, as I knew it would.

    And I love the Ganesh.

    Bob W.